Eat Your Vegetables


I have a sweet tooth. If I could live off cake and pudding for the rest of my life, I absolutely would. I practically do already. Even though I know all that sugar and indulgence is horrible for me, I continue the habit. I convince myself that I can get away with it for now. In reality, I know I should take steps toward taking better care of myself.

A lot of things have happened lately that extend this overused dietary metaphor into my daily life. Friend drama, job stress, and relationship turmoil have arisen in the past couple months. They present me with two options: “cake,” and “broccoli.”

The “cake” includes unhealthy habits like:

  • making excuses
  • lazing around
  • getting upset over situations beyond my control
  • stewing, brooding, and miring myself in negative energy

“Broccoli,” on the other hand, represents things like:

  • taking action to resolve difficult situations
  • exploring hobbies
  • learning new things
  • seeking support from my friends

Everyone in the world would rather do the thing that brings instant gratification. Everyone wants familiarity, reassurance, and routine. These things are fine from time to time, but they stifle our creativity and self-development. Personal growth requires courage, forward thinking, and a running leap out of our comfort zone.

So eat your vegetables. You’ll feel healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Besides – broccoli doesn’t taste half bad anyway.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Martin Cathrae.

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