Greg’s Practical Advice: On Starting Off Right


Here’s a new edition of Greg’s Practical Advice! For more background on this recurring column, check out the first post here.

This week’s advice: Put in more effort at the beginning than you would normally.

People’s perceptions of you are cemented in the first impression – and first impressions stick. If you put in the effort of an “A” student at the beginning of the class, your professor will more likely see you as an “A” student for the rest of the semester. If you’re the new employee who goes above and beyond right off the bat, your supervisors will be more likely to think of you as such later on. This is not carte blanche to slack off once you’re established – use your early momentum to stand out during your entire time at college or an organization. Success builds upon success, and failure breeds failure!

So get started on the right foot!

Photo courtesy of Flickr user thetaxhaven.

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