Being Okay with Silence


I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about trying a digital media fast (I think I might do one this weekend). I talked a bit about how we as Americans have a tendency to distract ourselves with whatever gadgets and toys we can get our hands on. Our culture values always being busy. We juggle work, exercise, and social engagements, all the while filling our ears with loud music and our brains with flashing images. We like to show off to the people around us how busy and plugged-in and important we appear to be.

But what would life look like if each of us took thirty minutes a day to cut the noise?

I urge you to set aside a designated half hour of each day when you turn off the background noise. Sign out of your Spotify account. Turn off the TV news. Close your laptop. Spend this time going through your normal routine, but treat the quiet as a newfound opportunity to be introspective. What will you think about? Will you hatch a grand scheme for your life? Will you happen upon a solution for a problem you’re facing at work? Will you remember to call your mother?

I like to spend my morning routine in silence. I get up, eat breakfast, primp, get dressed, and pack lunch. On my way out the door I’ll usually plug into my iPod, but some days I welcome my commute as an extra 40 minutes of quiet. I use it as a time to check in and see how I’m doing. With my crazy college kid schedule, it’s something I always look forward too. I also like to sneak moments of quiet into my lunch break or right before bed.

What are the strategies you use in order to be okay with silence?

Image courtesy of Flickr user -JosephB-

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