“You Want to Live in WHAT?”

I’m going to share my pipe dream with you guys. Ready?

After I graduate college, I want to build a tiny house on wheels. Yep, one of these:


When I tell people about this dream of mine, I usually get one of two reactions:

  • Oh wow, that’s a really cool idea! Go for it!
  •  …That thing can’t possibly have a real toilet in it.

Some people think I’m a bit crazy – don’t worry, I do too – but I’m excited by the benefits of tiny house living.

1) Environmental Responsibility: Whether it’s my hippie phase or my college education, I’ve been hit in the face with the sad reality of the environmental crisis. I can’t change the whole world, but I can change my world. Tiny living is healthy and sustainable. I can follow the example of others in the movement, and hopefully someone else will follow my example too.

2) Simplifying: My sophomore year dorm was my favorite room ever. It was tiny, but I had it all to myself. I had everything I needed. It was the first time I realized that I simply don’t need most of my possessions. I’ve learned to evaluate my needs versus wants effectively ever since – and a tiny house would be the final piece of the puzzle.

3) Financial Freedom: My university is expensive. Really expensive. I am so grateful for my fantastic education, but I will be paying exorbitant student loans for a long time. Building a tiny house is a way to own my own home rent- and mortgage-free and will afford me the flexibility to take it wherever the work goes. If I want to work 3,000 miles away on the West Coast, I can pick up and go anytime I want!

4) Because if you’re going to fulfill your dreams, you can’t wait for the approval of others. 

I will write periodically about my tiny house adventures and dreams. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

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